Socially conscious fashion with the animal lover in mind.

Shelter animals lead a hard life. Bags for Wags stands behind the notion that it’s up to us to make it easier – that’s why our bags, proudly made in the USA, provide a seamless combination of style and practicality with the mission in mind from start to finish. Our organic cotton creations make for stylish additions to your closet or a charming gift for someone you love.

The Mission

Bags for Wags partners with select no-kill animal shelters that dedicate their resources to finding cats and dogs their forever family – which is why with every Bags for Wags purchase, 20% of proceeds are donated to one of our partner shelters of your choice at checkout. Through your thoughtful purchases, rescue animals receive medical care, food, and vaccinations on their journey to adoption. Make a purchase, make a difference. Proudly Carry Bags for Wags.


Founder Rosanne Goodwin is a devoted foster mom, spay and neuter advocate, animal welfare volunteer, and above all, “the best human ever” according to her wild and wacky boxer pups, June and Jakson. With paws all in, they help Rosanne create these bags in memory of their big brother, Hank. Hank’s transformative journey from neglected and scared shelter dog to brilliant and loving sidekick is one deeply cherished by Rosanne.

She hopes that the mission of Bags for Wags will ensure a fighting chance for shelter pets like Hank – because every animal deserves to transform from homeless to beloved best friend.

 June, the Boxer (Clown / Chief Shredding Officer), millennial pup and recent graduate of the RGOC (Rosanne Goodwin Obedience Center), June garnered national pup-media attention after topping the prestigious Bags for Wags “4 under 4” list, for her incredible developments in all matters paper shredding. June has made it her mission in life to ensure that Bags for Wags never leaves a paper trail, inspiring the company to greatly reduce its carbon footprint, by going green at a very early stage. Her clownish behavior has been instrumental in maintaining team moral however, sources suspect that this may be cover for June’s execution of an eventual corporate takedown of the entire Bags for Wags infrastructure, one bite at a time.

 Jakson, a.k.a. Jax the Boxer (Muscle/Chief Security Officer), raised on the tough streets of New Jersey Jax honed his security acumen early and quickly became a trusted member of Rosanne’s inner circle. Living by a philosophy of “wherever she goes, I go”, protecting her has become his life-long mission, as long as it doesn’t involve wet or muddy paws. His velcro- nature and pathological attention to detail make him an ideal Chief Security Officer, while his discretion has become paramount whenever Bags for Wags requires the inevitable black-ops, off the grid biscuit run.

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